2019 Fun Run


Moonlit Sanctuary Excursion

On Thursday 7th November, Grade 2 visited the Moonlit Sanctuary in Healsville. A firm favourite was feeding the kangaroos and wallabies. The rain certainly didn’t stop us. Here are some on our highlights from the day.

Jackson and Lachlan being licked by the shingle back lizard!

When the Wombat drunk it’s own urine! The students thought this was hilarious.

Mrs Montgomery being covered in the snake skin.

The cute ducks following us around the park.

Hearing the dingoes howling.


Daffodil Day Disco 23rd Aug

With help of the PFA, our JSC organised a disco for all students. We were encouraged to dress up in Yellow and bring a gold coin donation.

It’s a fabulous way to raise money for an important cause, and an opportunity to foster values of empathy, encourage student leadership, and give hope to those impacted by cancer.



Book Week Dress-up Day

On 19th August 2019 we dressed up in our favourite book character and met up with our buddies.
It was amazing to see these characters in our grade.



There were superheroes, princesses, animals, Inspector Gadget and even Robin Hood.

Darcy – Fantastic Mr Fox                  Quin – Gruffalo               Emily – Mario               Em J – Robin Hood

Jackson – Slappy from Goosebump           Ruby C – Mary Lennox (Secret Garden)      Ruby D – Matilda

Just to name a few.



Bubble Incursion

When we did the hands on science incursion my favourite part was doing the table top bubbles. It was awesome. By Ruby C

I liked when we did the mini volcano experiment. By Sam

I liked holding the bubbles. By EmJ


Rainbow Water Science Experiment

The students undertook a water experiment to learn about density.

We added different amounts of sugar to dissolved warm water. Once cooled we added food colouring.

  • Blue     = 2 tablespoons
  • Yellow =  4 tablespoons
  • Red      = 6 tablespoons
  • Green  = 8 tablespoons

The students transfered solution (most dense first) to a test tube using a pipette. They had to do this carefully and slowly. The colours won’t mix as they are different densities



Smart Start Incursion

Students in 2AL enjoyed learning about money at the Smart Start Incursion. They learned to:


Speed to your needs and wait for your wants!


I need a house but I want chips. by James

I liked when we had to put the money into order by Jackson.

I learned to put money in order by Brody.

I learned that money helps you by stuff by Abigail.

I need a hat but I want a friendship wristband by Ruby C.

I now know what colour the notes are. by Vishi

On Wednesday we went to the Smart Start Incursion and we learned all about money. by Quin